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Caritas of Kielce Diocese

Caritas of Kielce Diocese is church charitable organization established in 25th February 1931 by bishop of Kielce Augustyn Łosiński as „Związek Towarzystw Dobroczynności Caritas”. In march 2004, first in region Caritas received legal status Public Benefit Organization. It carries on wide assistance actions in Kielce Diocese.

Overriding direction is management Caritas of Kielce Diocese, ks. Stanisław Słowik is general director.

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At the end of 2010 Caritas of Kielce Diocese had 58 places of overyear activity and realizes over 100 different programs. This programs realizes almost 700 people hired full time job and nearly 3000 volunteers youths and adults.

About 30 thousands persons each year is using Caritas help. Many of them can not find any other help apart from Caritas.

Caritas in Kielce takes many innovates projects for whole Poland as: family homes of help, protected accommodations, Activation Unemployeds Office, center of social integration, center of crisis intervention, multiple sclerosis treatment (SM), rehabilitation centres, to limit scale of social exclusion poor and disabled people and many others valuable initiatives.

Places of Caritas of Kielce Diocese activity:

  • houses of custodies (Piekoszów, Charsznica, Rataje, Rudki)
  • hospice in Miechów
  • environmental houses of mutual aid (Miechów, Proszowice, Świniary, Sędziszów, Mniów)
  • charitable restaurants (Sędziszów, Miechów, Rataje Słupskie, Proszowice)
  • education focal places and environmental clubs (Jędrzejów, Proszowice)
  • educational places and holiday ones (Kaczyn and rent for holiday places under the sea and in the mountains)
  • dispensaries (Kielce, Włoszczowa, Konieczno, Kurzelów, Wiśniówka, Piekoszów, Sędziszów, Miechów, Pacanów, Mniów, Proszowice, Słomniki, Szczekociny, Cudzynowice)
  • center of crisis intervention in Kielce
  • center of social integration in Kielce
  • resorts for homeless in Kielce
  • places of immediate assistance (Kielce and several parishes in Diocese)
  • store house of dress and furniture in Kielce
  • places of treatment of addiction and workless people (Kielce,
    Busko-Zdrój, Jędrzejów, Szczekociny, Sędziszów, Mniów)

In morale of christian love for others Caritas as charity of catholic church helps: handicapped, big families, solitary mothers in need, children in need, homelesses, joblesses, people in transitional difficulties, the victims of acts of god.

Volunteers are the main force of operation in parish groups, who regularly meet for exchange of experience and formation constant.

Volunteers of school circles are additional support for Caritas.

Assistance for children from families whit difficulties is the centre of interest for Caritas.

Each year 2000 children go on charitable colonies, almost free of charge. Almost 500 children are given meals at school. Almost 200 children during the whole year can go to educational focal places.

Each year, several new places of assistance are created by Caritas.

Caritas not only moderate dramatic life situations but very of ten help to ameliorate the situation of those in need and to enable them the return to normal life.

People with different kinds of weaknesses and sicknesses can find in our outposts good will, heart and professional help.

Except immediate (assistance), as food packages, dinners, constant dispensation of bread and medicines, reliefs in crisis situations and complex assistance in time of acts of God - Caritas organizes centers of supports for jobless, it leads workshops of activation, center of social integration as well as information of treatment for addicted. It also realizes programs of preventive maintenance for persons threatened by social rejection.

„Person who needs help is main challenge for Caritas”

Caritas of Kielce Diocese activities summary:
- activity area: from Krakow to Kielce
- about 58 places of overyear activity
- nearly 700 hired employees
- 120-150 projects each year
- about 30 thousand people per year received the help

Address of management office:
Jana Pawla II 3, 25-013 Kielce
Assistance office: Plac Panny Marii 1, 25-010 Kielce
Telephone: +48 41 344 52 82
Fax/Telephone: +48 41 344 67 28
E-mail: kielce@caritas.pl
Website: www.kielce.caritas.pl